About Our Founder

Liz Laud has considered her relationship with her dog Kelly as close to a mom-and-daughter relationship as can possibly be. For many people, their dogs are as close them as their children. And where they go, their children go – even if they have fur, four legs, and occasional scratching fits!

In her many travels, Liz noticed two things: 1) It can be challenging to find a place to eat that welcomes dogs, and 2) More and more dog owners are unwilling to leave their beloved canines behind when they go out to dine.

One day, after finishing a hike in the trails above Los Angeles, Liz and Kelly-dog, along with her friend Lise and Liz’s godson Alex hunted for a place to eat on the west side. After being turned away from several establishments, they ordered take-out and ate it in the parking lot.

Liz found her passion right then and there. Now she spends her days finding, listing, reviewing, supporting, and spreading the word about dog-friendly restaurants! And she wants to enlist dog lovers everywhere to join her mission with DiningWithDogs.com.

She takes the site very seriously. It’s important that members are able to add reviews easily – and if a restaurant doesn’t treat a dog well she takes them off the website no matter how successful the spot might be. And when she finds an eatery that treats dogs well, she lauds them!

Liz loves to hear from other dog people. Feel free to join the community and drop her a line!